What a busy day for WHVGolf.com!

Following this prompt from Rob/Idiot –

Have I missed any communications on the PEDRO Masters? I am so keen to attend, but am a bit nervous after not playing in a Society event for a while. Ideally I’d like some refresher lessons from your good self beforehand. I do want to play better golf – I do, I do, I do.

Will it still be full stapleforth, (no multliball)? I also heard you were thinking of applying obverse mulligans – is this true?

Please, Please, Please can you let me know before I wet myself in anticipation.
Yours frenetically,

The Captain has now released the eagerly awaited details of the 3rd Major of the tour.

As you all know, when the much-anticipated Players’ Rep’s Skins tournament finishes this Saturday, it will very much be a case of looking forward to the the PEDRO Masters. 
May I remind you that the PEDRO Masters is:

 THE money event of the tour; with it’s unique, patented, fines-for-second-place formula. Plus the donation by Pedro Power to fund the par 3 competition for the ‘final fourball’: those who have bet the most money on the event on Saturday having a chance to win £5 per par 3 on the course. And this year, incredibly, Pedro Power are funding the entire event by a further £20 – as they did the Captains; and twice the amount they funded the Brizzle. What a great sponsor Pedro Power are.
The LAST Major of the 2010 tour before the WHV Open. Absolutely ESSENTIAL to earn those ranking points in order that there is no mountain to climb in order to lift the Claret Jug.

So I need to know your availability in order to book tee-times. This year the event will be:

  • Held in or near Cambridge on Saturday 11th September
  • with tee times starting after midday to enable travel time
  • Course fees in the region of £30 for 18 holes of championship golf.
  • £10 entrance fees, plus a fines liability which will be a guaranteed maximum of £5 for those playing really badly.
  • Optional night out in Cambridge

 Please reply ASAP to tell me if you are

  • Up for the PEDRO Masters
  • Up for a night out with stay-over

Cheers, Captain
p.s. Rob – obverse mulligans will not be applied at the PEDRO Masters. Sorry.

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