My great series of posts was somewhat defeated by too much Viennese Bier unt Wurst followed by ropey internet connections in a remote Scottish cottage and finally by having a load of pikey builders in the house doing a new kitchen for Mrs Donk.

But today, I’m ‘working from home’, so here’s a quick round up of developments…

Noz the Tinkerman

Noz is evidently loving the power of organising the Jug weekend, taking particular delight in sorting out sleeping arrangements for the boys. We’ve had several updates as he’s changed round his own sleeping partner – or so it seems. He’s also confirmed the booking (put not included the price) of buggies for the weekend.

He has also assumed that we’re capable of organising our caravans to Devon – I’m guessing he will not be amongst those of us driving, although the TD appears to be wearing his sensible shoes and offering to drive rather than be the nightmarish “2 Stellas, best tune in the world, helluva boy – wait you DROVE PAST A COSTA?!” type passenger we all love. I suspect PEDRO power might be offering a book on the likelihood of the Saab being left behind as a wasted shell of a man cadges a lift from someone sober on Sunday evening.

At least the TD (and Noz and Spike) don’t now appear to be planning a Carry On-esque set of evening arrangements invovling a lads weekend being combined with a quiet weekend with the family. You can just imagine the potential japes that could have occurred.

Your key information for the WHV Open is that Tee Off times have moved from 12.55 to 12.45 on Saturday – a possibly vital

Amy Austin Venue Change

The Amy Austin is now being viewed as the Pro-Am practice round for the jug (I must remember to pack the magnificent trophy!), being played over the same track. At least we don’t have the prospect of finishing the elite tournament on winter greens like the 2009 Jug.

Shame, it would have been a good opportunity for members to pose with the picture of Ray Reardon at the original venue.

Dartmouth & Totnes

I am always amused by how familiar some society members are with the local hostelries down in Devon. My boss has in-laws down in Totnes and wishes us luck finding a boozer that isn’t already a sausage fest due to the proximity of the Naval College.

Alleged levels of man meat in Dartmouth are high

The BBC weather looks suspiciously upbeat – it was predicting HEAVY rain for the Amy Austin just a couple of days ago

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