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WHVGS 2014 Amy Austin & President’s Classic Report

Because of totally rubbish weather at the otherwise immaculately organised President’s Classic, the Friday of the 2014 WHVGS Claret Jug Weekender was played for both The Amy Austin and The President’s Classic

It was held at Prince’s Golf Course in Sandwich, Kent.  A really beautiful and historic course, which has held, Open Championships, British Amateur Championships and now a much-coveted WHV event.  I doubt whether my count-back win will make the winners boards in the Clubhouse but I’m sure that the WHVGS has left quite a few things at Prince’s – mainly lost golf balls.

We had all made different arrangements to get down to Kent and as Mrs Buttery had been on the razz the previous night I had to make my own way down on Friday morning.  That did however mean I could listen to Stereolab, Aphex Twin, Boards of Canada et al without getting moaned at by our Oasis and Long Pigs-loving TD.

The groupings went very well for me as I was grouped with Donk, Millers and Woolly.  Being grouped with Donk can sometimes lead to him getting a little bit arsey with me as I keep asking how far it is to the green.  However, Donk and Millers were able to furnish me with a little gem of information that may mean I never need to ask for yardage again.  Apparently good courses put yardages on every sprinkler on the fairway – who’d have thunk it.  Anyway to say that little piece of information was life-changing or at least round changing is the understatement of the year.  I may now be able to play 18 holes of golf in the future without royally pissing off Noz…perhaps.

Anyway, my golf was pretty good all day.  I drove OK-ish, hit my irons straight and putted well.  After nine holes I was on 17 points and scored another 17 on the back 9 to finish with 34.

It was actually tight at the top with 8 of us scoring 30 and above and I only beat Boycie on count-back after he bottled a 2ft putt on the 18th which would have given him 35.  As it turned out that slip was the only one Boycie made all weekend as swept all before him to win the Claret Jug and Green Jacket.

All in all, it was a great day, the weather was beautiful, the course was in excellent condition and was testing and I won my first piece of silverware/glassware since 2011.  Many congratulations should go to Doug for his excellent organisational skills.

Finally, the official payouts of the event were as follows: 1st with 34 Points and winning £15 was Bacon and 2nd with 34 Points and winning £10 was Boycie.  The Big Dog and £5 went to The President and the Shark and £5 went to Bruce.

Congratulations to all the winners and hopefully see you all at The Spoonholder’s Salver and end of season social.



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