Player Name: Adam HogarthAds

Also Known As: Ads

Society Position:

Joined the Tour in:

Bio: The tours most enthusiastic new man to golf. Always immaculately dressed, and intent on doing the right thing both on and off the course. Showed signs of improvement at the Portal where he quite simply played more golf. Would be a threat off a high handicap with more time devoted to golf, and less time writing blogs about his round the world adventure, whilst the rest of the society daydreams out of the office window. Has already been missed this year, and will undoubtedly be missed more as the summer months draw closer, but the Society wishes him a safe and exciting next few months, looking forward to him hacking it up with the rest of us.

Disciplinary Issues:

Events Entered:

Victories: 2009 Captains Cup


Hulk Victories: 2009 Spittle Shield

Nearest-the-Pin Victories:



What’s in the Bag?:

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