Player Name: Chris GregoryTD

Also Known As: TD, Greggors, Gibbon, Heron Boy, Helluva Boy, Cheeser, Milko, Jurg

Society Position: Tour Director

Joined the Tour in: The Beginning

Bio: See – one of the few members with his own website and Brian May tribute act

The tour director and only player in the society who used to insist on playing in ski sallopettes, regardless of the weather – but who now insists on wearing shorts for every round – unless he feels that his calves are being challenged by other men.

After many many many months in the winless wilderness, probably due to a massively unrealistic double handicap of being over penalised by Pedro’s system, and well, being the TD, Christopher finally saw it come good at the Amy Austin at Celtic Manor in 2011. He won the event and the ‘gimp of a trophy’ on countback from defending champion Pedro – saving Betron a potentially ruinous amount of money.

Seemingly never ending job changes have provided constant amusement to tour members as publicity shots emerge. We’re all looking forward, ahem, to the Stratforward reindeer pictures from the Winter Wonderland he has organised for 2011.

With the 10 year anniversary looming, the financially risky strategy of maintaining our funding in his sock drawer was thankfully taken on by the ever reliable and less likely to bang it on a ‘hot tip’ (sort of) President.

Known far and wide for making unusual food and beverage requests – “Pop an Otter in that for me love”, “Can I have a full english in bread, wrapped on foil?”, “Can i have my strawberries and cream to go please?”.

Disciplinary Issues: Performance and Deportment at 2008 WHV Open, Bringing WHVGS into disrepute. Repeated at the 2009 AGM and the 2010 WHV Open. The society’s disciplinary bad boy, despite wielding the power of an entrenched board member.

Victories: 2007 Presidents, 2011 Amy Austin

Big Dog Victories: 2009 Gibbon

Shark Victories:

Order of Merit Performance:

2011 – 6th

Strengths: Long, but erratic from the tee. Can be a demon chipper and putter. Likely to get a couple of 5 point holes in a year

Weaknesses: Inconsistency, getting distracted, getting naked, being drunk or hungover. Short putts.

What’s in the Bag?: The shiniest and cleanest clubs in the society. The TD admits to a touch of OCD about them. Mizuno Irons, Taylor Made Driver and another member sporting a Scotty Cameron putter.

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