Player Name: David Comptoncampo

Also Known As: Campo

Society Position: Debubandit

Joined the Tour in: 2009

Bio: The original Milmore ringer, turned up at the 2009 Masters and walked away with the money – much to the chagrin of the other members.

It’s been too long since we’ve seen Campo, but he does live a long way away and his personal life seemed to be as challenging as Curts most of the time.

A very solid and capable golfer, one of our more consistent performers, he was always there or thereabouts, particularly at the Jug. However, after winning his first event he never really followed up. Overnight leader at Wokefield Park, he folded into obscurity very quickly on the Sunday.

No one knows why Compton became Campo, but he didn’t really complain – I didn’t learn his first name until he’d been with us for a few months, and I’m the Secretary!

Victories: 2009 PEDRO Masters


Hulk Victories:

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