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Dear Bored,

If someone had a clean sweep of events – and picked up all the cash – would this jeopardise the golfer’s amateur status?  Can someone work this out – via the financial model?  If therefore the prize money is either held/spent by the TD’s misses/drunk and given out in one go at the AGM (I will make every effort to attend this year – even if it is via video link up) – to a potential winner of everything, will it top 500 quid? I would hate to see Prof’ for example, lose his amateurness and be excluded from playing WHV events for the next 2 years whilst he applies to regain his Status.

From the R and A rules:

Prizes in amateur events are limited to a value of £500

Maybe a link to the following will help the bored divert any possible ‘disasters’.


Idiot Horn Sponsor

This was swiftly put to bed by the Players Rep, in his new role as Bored Enforcer, and in this instance, as the man with the correct answer. The £500 limit is per event, so unless the board substantially hikes entrance fees or society membership, we’re unlikely to breach this without a society sugardaddy.

On the Other Hand

However, this recent exchange has us judging Idiot for the Win.

Young Noz, the society curmudgeon, lambasted Rob for not having attended an AGM. As if anyone who’s attended an AGM could ever doubt the administrative HALLmark of the Idiot in the keeping of minutes and general arsewhiffery that goes on.

‘Rob has never bothered to attend an AGM, I think this is the real problem, I strongly suspect he is already planning to not attend this years event as well.’

‘Rob is an idiot.’

An Idiot who has attended an AGM. Was voted in as the first Club Captain at said AGM, and who took minutes of the meeting on the order pad of the waiter at the Royal Alfaisal. In fact, if one remembers rightly, Spittle W was also an attendant – but when it came to voting he was only there in body and not in mind – as he was in Bruce’s bed, fast asleep,  with Aust – who thankfully at that time did not have the Horn.

No more questions your honour, and get your facts right Ex Bored member.

Vote Ron Noz Asleep

Idiot Horn Sponsor

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