This new computer of Pete’s is resulting in a hithertofore unknown level of correspondence from our esteemed Captain.


The PEDRO Masters has been booked for the Menzies Cambridge Golf Club


Pedro – Captain, WHV Golf Society

Helping Rob design better products

Tough looking hole for WHV members

13.45 – 14.30 Coffee, Tea & Bacon Rolls
14.27 – 14.45 18 Holes of Golf
18.45 – 19.45 Ham, egg & chips

All for the price of £32 per person. I was asked to book a later round to allow people to get there so I have negotiated a ‘twilight’ deal: can we please target 13.30 arrival so that the fines system will be understood.  

Important Note: Soft Spikes only

Sunset is due 19.25 and I am informed we will get around before then. I and my fellow board members will be ensuring the new R6 is applied (the Almanac is undergoing a refresh to ensure all updates since inception are presented in a consistent manner). This is awaiting final editorial approval & the inclusion of the WHVGS Asset Register but the content below is Approved by the board and in play.

There are seven or eight of us staying on to enjoy Freshers weekend in Cambridge. Myself and Noz have each donated twin hotel rooms at the Holiday Inn. I have paid for 2 more twin rooms at a total of £212.50, meaning if Ron stays it is a miraculous £26 each.   I would like to personally thank Mr W Spittle for his very generous offer, proving that although he lost his board position due to Ron’s impressive election campaign he very much continues to show huge personal commitment to the WHV cause.   I will not, however, thank Bruce for initially advising me he could put three people up – originally meaning the overnight stay would be free for all. Then clearing it with the missus. Then ‘phoning me to inform me what he actually cleared was that Hannah could have all her friends over, so as well as the three society members he would also now personally require hotel accomodation in his own home town. The Moron.



Staying Captain Nozzer Pres Moron – see above Ads Miller Bacon

Possibly Staying Ron

Just Playing Donk TD Campo Aust

R6 Avoidance of Slow Play

R6.1 Pick Up – If the player can not score Stapleforth or has lost a match play hole they must pick their ball up if not caused to wait by the group ahead.

R6.2 Maximum time looking for lost balls – if the ball is lost in a place where it would be hard to find the member can only spend 3 minutes looking for it if not caused to wait by the group ahead.

R6.3 Derestricted honours – players can and should take shots outside of the honours format from tee to green to speed up play.  This includes the temporary removal of a flag (or not if R3.2. employed) to putt while waiting a player to walk to his ball.

R6.4 General competence – when on the green buggies, trolleys and bags must be parked between the green and the route to the next tee.

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idiot · 28/08/2010 at 7:33 pm

Rule R6.5 The Captain has now taken it upon himself to rewrite the rules of golf.

Give me/the Society strength. What next eh? Will he reintroduce the trampoline faced driver so we can hit it further? Will he accept the ‘croquet’ putting stroke as valid? With due respect to some of the higher handicap members of the Society, R6.1 may allow some members to only play half a round, or even less (myself included in this scenario with lack of golf + low handicap ‘handicap’), by having to pick up on a majority of holes.

Whilst I think this years Captain is doing a good job, can someone remind him (and the board in this case it seems) that they are not bigger than the game itself, and should learn to be a little more humble with respect to the rules (the R and A version) and their fellow WHVGS members.

Not every one is as good as you Pete, we saw that at the pro/prof shoot out, but please respect the lesser talents of us ordinary members.

This is of genuine concern, to golf as a whole.

Kind regards,

I Hall.

Ron · 31/08/2010 at 1:30 pm

Rob – Please remember that the Board are more equal than others.

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