As a sad indictment of modern society, and a reflection of the influence of Asian betting syndicates on the Shirley and District darting scene, it is my duty to publicise some very worrying events, and attitudes.

These centre on my board colleague and your elected representative, Paul Milmore. In the ongoing email exchange prompted by our estimable (and generally beyond reproach and happy to accept his own shortcomings) President for life, the facts are clear, and the brazen and blatant bragging shocking.

I suspect this story will develop over the coming days, but to bring you up to speed, here are the accusations put to Mr Milmore;
1.    Millers organises the 2014 Skins (at Stonebridge) and invites Boyce (who is a paid up Member at Stonebridge) to play with us (and to pay for the privilege) to be his patsy for his first tour round – Millers wins the Skins…

An exact extract from Millers own match report reads “Commenting on his victory the man of the hour stated: “Just coincidence that Boycie and Ned (another Patsy) were both in my group.  That’s the way the balls fell.  Really.  Everybody saw.  At least the ones that were there did.  I think.” And the fact that they both played well below par allowing you to win your own tournament despite playing very ropey golf at times yourself? “Another coincidence.  Obviously.”

2.    Millers then drives Boycie to Kent and bets on him to win the AA and the CJ…

3.    Boycie is 2nd on count back in the AA and wins the CJ

4.    Millers fails to bring either Stein with him

5.    Millers emails the WHVGS Members a note which states “And got away with it.  Perfect.”

6. I doubt that very much Miller, I doubt that…

We have the following riposte from the ‘accused’

Thank god for the statue of limitations on fines.  AGM gone and with it the opportunity to fine people for alleged misdemeanours that season, despite what may or may not be on Donk’s phone

I will bring my stein (3 wins on the bounce = ownership) to the EoSS and drink from it if you like.

I’m not sure there is a statute of limitations in our constitution, we don’t even support the principle of double jeopardy explicitly. As Dougal points out, the AGM and the will of the society can be brought to bear in December.

Finally, and just to clarify, if anyone did win an event three times in a row, it would be the decision of the sponsor and the board whether or not to award an asset in perpetuity in recognition of excellence and achievement – not especially likely when said asset was sadly missing from 2 consecutive WHV open weekends

As Pedro says, punishment does not have to take the firm of a fine….

This story is developing, and I need to order a Chinese…

I present some evidence below, note the date, time and location where I recorded the single sentence…


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