For the first time in three years, we have proof of the continuing existence of the Munich Stein with crappy hinged lid.

In 2012 the winner of the Spittle Shield took this trophy home, and like the presidential belt and several other society assets, it’s location had become a mystery. It failed to appear any any Spittle Shield since, was not in Portugal or Deal for the Jug – I’m not sure it ever made it to Wokefiled Park either.

After another suspiciously easy walkover for Millers in the three club challenge (seriously, he doesn’t score 35 in 17 holes with a full bag, what is wrong with his club selection, perhaps he’s too reliant on his £20 iPhone app?),  there was a risk of not seeing the Stein again until Wales or next year’s Shield.

But we have evidence of its existence, from a post victory celebration of Mike’s birthday around Knowle – hopefully it got home safe – who knows when we’ll see it again…


In related news, one of our other steins also materialised from the mists of time…


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